Don’t call it a comeback

Hello. I can’t help but think this won’t be the most talked about comeback announced today (see picture above).

Those of you who follow me on twitter will already be aware that I’ve been back in good old Blighty for several weeks now. You may also be aware that I’m back in the office and, therefore, back to being a Research Geek. Five and a half months worth of travelling was pretty wonderful and I’m still thinking and writing about that (currently with pen and Moleskine, but it will eventually find its way to the Viceroy, I’m sure) so I might not be too prolific on here to begin with. But as I’m back thinking about research, ads and brands there will no doubt be certain thoughts I feel like sharing.

Work-wise, I’m still with Millward Brown. My neuroscience role was specific to the region so having moved from dusty Delhi to leafy Leamington Spa I’m not doing that any more. Instead I’ve joined the Global Innovations team where I’ll be getting all kaizen on our existing tools and also working on some shiny new stuff. Should be interesting.

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