Indefinite Hiatus

Hello. I think it’s unlikely I’ll be posting much here on the Research Geek until I’m firmly ensconced back in merry old England in October.  With only around 9 weeks left of my working stint in India, there’s probably a lot of stuff I should be reflecting on and writing up, but I’m afraid I don’t feel in the frame of mind to do it.  There are a couple of posts I’ve done the thinking for and started to write up, only to lose my thread half way through.

Whilst I’m not in a ‘thinking about research’ frame of mind, I’m very much in a thinking about India frame of mind. I am keen to get my writing on India more or less up to date before I head off an have 6 months of further experiences to add to the mix – so expect more activity over on The Viceroy over the next few weeks and please do have a read, if that’s your sort of thing.

So, thanks for reading whatever you have over the past year. Hopefully you’ll be around for my glorious return towards the end of the year.

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