Top Posts: 2010


Hello everyone, Happy New Year!  I haven’t posted for a long time due to a nice long trip back to the UK.  I was more or less snowed in for a week so I did have ample opportunity to write a couple of posts, I just wasn’t really in that frame of mind.  Anyway, I’ll be back with a proper shiny new post shortly, for now, here are the top 5 posts of my debut year based on popularity.  Thanks very much for reading in 2010 and I hope you continue to suffer through in 2011.

1. Neurofocus and the New Scientist: Don’t Believe the Hype – A relatively rare sojourn into the realms of the day job proved a popular choice.  One rather fruity comment from a disciple of said hype spiced things up a little.

2. Social Media and the Simulacrum of the Self – Dusting off some cultural theory from my undergraduate degree and having a bash at applying it to social media.  I wasn’t sure I was clever enough to write this one, but I think just about got away with it.

3. Hiiiiiiii Dr Nick! – A short overview of the talk Nick Hall from Stanford gave at a symposium on Behavioural Research where we both spoke at XLRI here in India.  I think ‘Dr’ Nick promoted this one a fair amount himself so I probably have him to thank for it making the top 5!

4. All the Young Dudes – My first ever post on why we don’t hear many/enough young (under 30) voices in market research.

5. Apple: a threat to diversity and innovation. – Finally, a post on Apple’s continuing attempts to sew up the entire music industry value chain and the threat this poses to diversity and innovation in that industry.

Whilst we’re at it, my least popular post of the year was this one – I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition.  Apparently, nobody else agreed.

Thanks again for reading.

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