Social Media and Digital Narcissism

There are more social media ‘experts’ than you can shake a stick at.  Few of them could have written as insightful a piece as this speech that Greg Stekelman gave to Media and the Inner World yesterday and has now transcribed on his blog.  I recognise I mentioned Greg in my Simulacrum post and I’m therefore in danger of looking like a Stekelman fanboy, but the truth is, I am (I’m also trying to bathe in His reflected Glory, but hopefully you won’t notice that) .

What I like about the speech is that it talks about social media in viscerally human terms.  Too often, the experts and the consultants are not as deeply immersed in that on which they pontificate as they should be and therefore frame their discourse in the abstract.  They talk more about conversations than they do about the people having them and, fundamentally, it’s the latter we should be trying to understand.

I think there are all kinds of conclusions one could draw about how we research and how brands use social media, not to mention parallels to with what I wrote in that simulacrum piece, but it feels crass to pull those out of such a deeply personal account.  Instead, I would simply recommend that if you have any interest in social media, be it personal or professional, that you read Greg’s piece in full and draw from it whatever is useful for you.

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